United Water Restoration Group of Colorado Springs – North

Water damage can strike at any moment, regardless of the hour or the season. Whether the damage arises from a catastrophic flood, a leaking pipe, or even a minuscule crack, our team of professionals in Northern Colorado Springs is ready to assist you.

Experts from United Water Restoration Group of Northern Colorado Springs will carefully inspect your property to ensure all damages are recognized and addressed. We provide a comprehensive plan of action that outlines our intended strategy. Our goal is to maintain transparency and keep you fully informed about the necessary procedures and our planned assistance.


Fire damage can lead to severe destruction in both residential and commercial settings. Even minor incidents can result in smoke and soot damage, leading to ongoing deterioration of the affected materials. The presence of smoke alone can produce unpleasant odors and make an area uninhabitable due to poor air quality and unpleasant smells.

Our technicians in Northern Colorado Springs are exceptionally trained, skilled, and certified in managing our fire damage restoration process. During our fire damage restoration process in Northern Colorado Springs, our technicians meticulously work to ensure no visible signs of damage remain.


Mold spores are virtually omnipresent in every corner of the world. These tiny spores can infiltrate homes or businesses through various means. Although an average room’s mold spore count is between 500-700, these spores can escalate into a problem under suitable conditions. When they encounter moisture and organic material, they can latch onto these substances and multiply into mold colonies.


If mold removal is required in Northern Colorado Springs, our technicians are prepared to help! Our mold experts can handle tasks of all magnitudes, from minor infestations to widespread mold incidents spanning multiple rooms. As part of our mold remediation services, our technicians will also help determine the root cause of the problem and apply preventive treatments throughout your property to hinder future growth.


We also provide cleaning and disinfecting services at our Northern Colorado Springs location. Both business owners and homeowners can benefit from these services. Homeowners can use these services for clean-up before or after major gatherings, while businesses can employ them for cleaning and disinfecting after a typical workday.

These services introduce an additional layer of protection by targeting potentially harmful substances within a property. Pathogens, irritants, and allergens can accumulate in a property over time. Our technicians concentrate particularly on high-touch surfaces and objects, promoting the safety and health of those who depend on your home or business.